Category: True Online UPS Three phase / Model Name: APUS II 200KS

Model Number: APUS II 200KS
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  - The Most Advanced and Reliable 3 Phase UPS
  - Output power factor 0.9
  - Efficiency up to 94% in inverter mode
  - Intelligent battery management
  - Adjustable battery quantity
  - Enhanced anvironmental adaptability design
  - Compact footprint
  - Prallel up to 4

Product Descriptions

    PCBA corrosion is one of the key reasons leading to UPS components failure, especially in coastal areas. APUS II applies advanced PCBA coating technology, offering customers an excellent anti-corrosion performance.
    APUS II adopts the advanced 3-stage charging technology. In the first stage, it charges the battery up to 90% capacity with high current. In the second stage, it charges the battery to 100% capacity with constant voltage. In the third stage, it stays in rest mode. The 3-stage charging method can extend the battery life cycle avoiding long-time floating charge issues. An intelligent battery management technology can accurately forecast battery working mode and remind your customers of potential malfunction.
     APUS II supports flexible battery quantity configuration. Customers possess flexibility to choose different battery capacity and quantity in the backup solution. Even in the on-run mode, the battery quantity con?guration can be quickly adjusted to disassemble the malfunctioning battery, while the whole UPS system can guarantee a constant power supply.
    APUS II is embedded with internal parallel kits powering by high reliability CAN bus. With better output voltage regulation, perfect load sharing and active protection, APUS II assure the reliability and redundancy of the paralleling power system. APUS II offers more excellent performance in paralleling and improves the output accuracy.

CapacityPower rating200 kVA/180 kW
InputTopologyPWM, IGBT based
 Rated voltage380Vac/220Vac (400/415Vac selectable)
 Voltage range-45% ~ +25%, depends on load percentage
 Input power factor0.99
 Rated Frequency50/60Hz auto sensing
 Frequency range42-72Hz
Overload Rating InterfaceRS232,USB,2 Com slots,3 Building alarm,EPO
OutputPower factor0.9
 EfficiencyUp to 94% in online mode;>98% in ECO mode
Overload Rating Com cards(optional)SNMP/WEB,Modbus/Ethernet,AS400,NMC
OutputVoltage380Vac/220Vac+/-1%(400/415Vac selectable)
 Overload capacity<105% continuous; 105%-125% 10min; 150% 1min
 THDV<2% for Linear load
 Unbalanced load100%
 Crest factor3:1
Bypass Internal static switchStandard
 Bypass voltage380Vac(+/-15%)
 Maintenance bypass switchStandard
BatteryBattery typeVRLA
 Backup timeVaries from battery capacity and load situation
 Battery PCS36-40 PCS adjustable, 40 PCS as default
 Recharge time8 hours to 90%
DimensionWxDxH (mm)600x830x1876
EnvironmentRunning temperatureUPS:0-40 C; Battery: 25 C
 Storage-25~55 C without battery; +15~25 C with battery
 ElevationNo derating < 1000m
 Noise level<= 70 dBA@1 meter front side
International Standard SafetyIEC/EN 62040-1
 EMCIEC/EN 62040-2
 PerformanceIEC/EN 62040-4